Bible Devotionals & Grace Messages In Video

Are you struggling with the bondage of mixed bible messages of grace and law? Here at Jesus Without Religion we are excited to offer short video messages to help you discover for yourself the true depth of God’s grace, kindness, and His love.  Enjoy devotionals as we talk about the grace of God that has been lavished upon us and what it really means to be “forgiven”. Here’s are a few popular subjects we discuss:

Is too much grace a license to sin?
Will Jesus Tell Believers to ‘Depart From Me’?
Does Water Baptism Save Us?
What Did James Really Mean by ‘Faith Without Works is Dead’?
Would God Really Spit a Christian out of His Mouth? Lukewarm Christians Debate
The Sabbath. Oh, it’s not What Religion Tell us
When Jesus said “Keep My Commandments” He was not referring to the law
Religion says tithe, but what does God say?

 More Christian Topics In Video

Tithing – Do Christian Have to do it?

Everything You Need to Know, But Were Afraid to Ask

Are We ‘Progressively Being Sanctified’?
No. And Here’s Proof You ARE Already Sanctified

Do I Need Water Baptism to be Saved?
Umm No. 

What If I Struggle to Forgive Someone? Will I be Forgiven?

Of Course. Let’s Clear This Bad Teaching up, Once for all.

Are Some People Predestined For Heaven, and Others Chosen For Hell?

Ugh, More Bad Religious Teaching – Here’s What Predestination Really Means

You Will Know Them by Their Fruits

BUT, in Context That Verse Was NOT Talking About Works or Christians 

The New Covenant – What You’re NOT Hearing In Church
( You’ll Never See the Bible the Same Again)