The Lord’s Supper-What’s the Deal With You Need to Examine Yourself?

The Religious Deception: Religion says ‘if you have any sin that you have not confessed and fully repented of before taking the Lord’s Supper, then it can end with God making you sick or killing you’. It says you better examine yourself before you participate in the ceremony or risk God’s vengeance.

The Truth From a Grace Perspective: In this video we discover that this letter is really addressing an audience of believers that are taking advantage of their freedom in Christ. They are getting drunk and eating all the food before the poor can partake in the Lord’s Supper and remembering what Christ did for them. He had His body broken  for their sin. He had His blood shed for their sin. He paid (past tense) for their sin and they are to do this in remembrance of that. But, this is not about God making Christians sick or killing them if they have unrepentant sin in their lives, but rather it’s about people that are not really honoring the Lords super, but instead are using it as a reason to get drunk and eat, and as such are getting sick from drinking too much and others (people, not God) are judging them for their behavior.