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The Old vs. The New

Why the Law? | Did Jesus Free Us From Law? | How Much Grace Do We Get?

The Old vs. The New

Discover the Fullness of God’s Grace and Kindness that’s not being taught in the Church

Unfortunately religion has a way of robbing Christians from their freedom in Christ. While there are many good reasons to avoid sin and serve God, getting more forgiveness or closer to God should not be in that list. Join us as we take a journey through Romans, Galatians, and Hebrews and untangle this mess that religion has created. You’ll discover the new covenant message is much greater than what we are hearing from many Churches.

The books of Romans, Hebrews, and Galatians all tell powerful stories about the need for Christ over the law. Click any book below to enjoy a chapter by chapter and verse by verse lesson in audio & text and discover Gods amazing grace as we journey through Gods word.

Romans Study

A letter written by the Apostle Paul in 56-57 AD to address the church in Rome. In this this letter we discover we all have the same problem. Sin. We also need the same solution—Jesus. Here we discover this gift of righteousness is free, through faith, apart from works, apart from law.


Hebrews Study

Hebrews is a letter written to Hebrews (Jewish people) NOT Gentiles. Though often incorrectly taught as being written to believers, we will discover that the writer is addressing a Jewish audience that has “heard the gospel” but has not fully believed in it and is choosing to hold on to the law for cleaning of sin. In the first 10 chapters the only kind of sin actually being addressed is the “sin of unbelief”, and as we’ll soon see – that’s a big deal. Written in approximately 67 A.D. the author is unknown.


Galatians Study

Written by the Apostle Paul to the church of Galatia. The letter is addressing Gentiles who, having heard and accepted the gospel of Christ and knew His grace, are now giving into religious pressure and looking to perfect themselves by the flesh, through works. Paul is reminding them that the law is not of faith and that Christ has redeemed them from the law so that they would receive the promise of the Spirit through faith. The letter was written between 48 A.D. to 50 A.D.


Not a New Movement.
It’s Truth”

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