Christians Are Not Under Both an Old Covenant and a New Covenant

For a believer to be under the old covenant is the equivalent of cheating on Jesus. I know many people are obsessed with taking verses out of context like “I didn’t come to abolish the law” (Matthew 5:17), but, for every verse that can be used to misinterpret the new covenant message, there are 3-5 more than undeniably say the exact opposite.

First, quickly take note of the difference between the old covenant vs the new covenant.

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What is the OLD Covenant?

  • It was conditional upon us doing our part.
  • It was a covenant with the ISRAELITES who were required to obey and keep the law in return for protection. (Deuteronomy 30:15-18 & 1 Samuel 12:14-15).
  • required repeated, daily sacrifices of animals as a reminder of the people’s sin – that never even worked (Hebrews 10:4).
  • Only the high priest could enter the holy place.
  • Was made up of EXTERNAL Regulations. Do this. Don’t do that.
  • only a shadow of the good things that are coming—not the realities themselves (Hebrews 10:1)
  • Showed us our guilt, and hopelessness THEN Pointed people TO CHRIST (Gal 3:24-25)

What is the NEW Covenant?

  • Old was about our part. New covenant – Things change and God becomes the proactive and our unconditional source of salvation and blessings.
  • Old was repeated sacrifices. New – A one-time perfect sacrifice of Jesus that worked and made us holy, (Hebrews 10:10-12), sanctified us, and justified us.
  • Old covenant – only the high priest could enter the most holy place. New covenant- Jesus is now our high priest and we have direct access to God. (Hebrews 10:19 & 10:21)
  • Old was external regulation. New -Made up of INTERNAL regulations – faith. The heart. Life in the spirit.
  • The law was only a shadow. Jesus is the reality. (Col 2:16-17)
  • Based on BETTER promises and is superior to the old. (Heb 8:6).
  • Forgiveness of sins and restored fellowship.

The new covenant TAKES AWAY your guilt and condemnation.

[Hebrews 10:1-2] The law is only a shadow of the good things that are coming—not the realities themselves. For this reason it can never, by the same sacrifices repeated endlessly year after year, make perfect those who draw near to worship. 2 Otherwise, would they not have stopped being offered? For the worshipers would have been cleansed once for all, and would no longer have felt guilty for their sins.

No, Jesus did not come to abolish the law, but He did come to free us from it. Unbelievers are still being pointed to Christ through the law, but as a believer, you have been completely set free from the law and you have a new and better source for daily living and godliness.

The verse completely flies in the face of anyone teaching a believer that he/she is still under the law.

Gal 3:13 Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us, for it is written: “Cursed is everyone who is hung on a pole.

Gal 3:25 But now that faith has come, we are no longer under a tutor.

Gal 5:1 It was for freedom that Christ set us free; therefore keep standing firm and do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery.

Rom 7:6 But now we have been released from the Law, having died to that by which we were bound, so that we serve in newness of the Spirit and not in oldness of the letter.

Heb 7:18-19 For, on the one hand, there is a setting aside of a former commandment because of its weakness and uselessness 19 (for the Law made nothing perfect), and on the other hand there is a bringing in of a better hope, through which we draw near to God.

Heb 8:13 When He said, “A new covenant,” He has made the first obsolete. But whatever is becoming obsolete and growing old is ready to disappear.

Hebrews 10:9 then He said, “Behold, I have come to do Your will.” He takes away the first in order to establish the second.

Rom 10: 4 For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to everyone who believes.

To Be A Believer and Be Under The Law is to Cheat on Jesus

As we read Romans 7:1-4 Paul describes those who are joined to Christ through the new covenant and then turn around only to grab on to the law are actually committing a form of  Spiritual adultery against Jesus.

First Paul gives the example of human law as he describes marriage.

Romans 7:2 the married woman is bound by law to her husband while he is living; but if her husband dies, she is released from the law concerning the husband.

Then Paul says if she is with another man while he’s living it’s adultery, but if the husband dies she is allowed to marry another man (Romans 7:3).

Paul continues in Romans 7:7 to tell us the point is that in the SAME WAY we were made to die to the law through the body of Christ so we can be joined to ANOTHER.

In other words, we can’t be joined to Jesus if we’re still joined to the law.

Take Away: You’re not under two covenants. You died to the old and were made alive to the new. You have been made one with Christ and are now united with Him. If you’re looking to the law for righteousness or even as your guide to daily living (instead of Jesus alone) then you’re cheating on Christ.

God Bless!

Author: Mike Cynar

Mike Cynar was raised in a church setting where he frequently noticed that many attendees would eventually drift away. The church labeled these individuals as ‘back sliders’ or ‘fake Christians’ just looking for ‘fire insurance’. However, Mike realized the issue was rarely with these individuals but instead with the church’s message itself. The teachings heavily emphasized behavior improvement and one’s flaws, with only a fleeting mention of one’s identity in Christ. It felt as though every sermon was tailored to the church of Corinth, who as we know or committing sins that even unbelievers don’t partake in. This trend was noticeable not just in one denomination, but across Baptist, Catholic, Pentecostal, and many other churches. Upon understanding the true essence of the gospel – that our righteousness comes from Jesus’ actions, not our own – Mike was inspired to liberate believers from lifeless sermons and reconnect them with the genuine teachings of Jesus. He believes that one can nurture a vibrant and growing bond with Jesus, unhindered by rigid religious practices. And thus, “Jesus Without Religion” was born.

It turns out that it is grace that leads to repentance. And if our heart is to get others to walk in the Spirit and live a godly life, then the best approach is not a beat down sermon, but rather to remind other that it is only when we understand our true identity in Christ that we will live it out. Yes, it’s true, if you’re convinced that God thinks you’re a dirty sinner, you will ultimately continue a lifestyle that mirrors that view, but if you truly believe that even on your worst day, you are called holy, sanctified, justified, and will be presented blameless in the end, well, it turns out this is the secret to living out on the outside what has been worked in to the inside.


  • Daniel Posted May 24, 2023 4:48 pm

    Hello Brother,
    I appreciate your website. I have only read 3 articles as I have just found it but I have some questions of issues I’ve struggled with:
    –I believe the main issue when the New Testament talks about disobedience & willful sin is denying the Faith…however, some equate “The Faith” with all of Christian teaching…which they say includes mortification of the flesh and that obedience of the faith means obeying church teaching. They will point to early Christian Apostolic fathers, or even documents like the Didache. How do we answer this as I haven’t been able to find a lot of support that the argument is incorrect?

    –I have seen Acts 15 where the Apostles did not impose the law on new believers and I know Jesus said He came not to destroy the law but fulfil it. He then said “it is finished”…which I understand as He DID fulfil it. However, there are many who say, yes, but then every one of the commandments from the O.T. is repeated at some point to N.T. Believers (except the Sabbath command). How can I answer this?
    –There are are many who teach that the law doesn’t save us BUT that the Holy Spirit enables genuine believers to keep the “moral law”–albeit imperfectly (Rom. 8) which honors God because the moral law reflects God’s holy character and if we’re truly saved and growing to be like Christ, it will look more like His holy character. but when I try to conform my life to this type of teaching, I end up very self-focused, discouraged, and in despair. Do you have scriptures that might clarify this?

    –in 1 Corinthians, Paul orders them to kick out the member who had his father’s wife. Also in one of the Corinthian letters he says not to associate with the immoral person who calls themselves a believer. He says in 1Thessalonians 4: 3 that God’s will is our sanctification…that we KNOW HOW to possess our own vessel (or body) in sanctification and honor. All of this implies that Paul believed it was possible to do…even to the extent that the ones not doing it should be removed from fellowship altogether. Additionally, in Revelation, you have Jesus warning the churches. Even though some of them have faith…He is still sternly warning them to address other issues in regards to their holiness or that He would come against them. I’m trying to reconcile this as it seems that both case Jesus and Paul seem to address the behavior of these individuals/churches as opposed to just their faith…could you help clarify?

    –Lastly, it is a quite popular teaching by some high profile teachers to say the many who say “Lord, Lord” in Matthew 7 are condemned because they are those “who practice lawlessness”. But when I consider that, I see that the entirety of humanity is in that camp because, even in Israel’s heyday under King David, he said “Everyone has turned away, all have become corrupt; there is no one who does good, not even one.” Psalm 53:3. When I read Matthew 7 (or chapters 5-7) in context it seems the purpose is of the message is to expose a crowd of merit/works based righteousness adherents to the high standard of righteousness in order to reveal the need for grace. But many read this sermon as Messiah’s way of explaining what our Christian lives should look like. However, He said in that sermon, “Therefore you shall be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.” (Mt. 5:48) and I don’t know a single perfect Christian in that sense. Therefore, it seems to me that the many, in Mt. 7 are identified more clearly by the fact that they pointed out their works in defense of why they should get in…none of them said” but we trusted in you.” Would you agree with this?

    • Mike C Posted May 25, 2023 9:49 am

      Thanks for the comment.

      In my View, “obedience of the faith” is much simpler. It’s simply believing in Christ. Trusting him alone for salvation.

      As for ‘mortification of the flesh’ as best as I understand that this is the theology of Christians needing to deny themselves.

      That teaching is not found in the scripture. The verse they are referring to is actually talking about a one time denying. We deny our ability to be saved to self righteousness/law. This is salvation. As we take up our cross and follow Jesus and our old self is crucified with Christ and our new self is a new creation.

      God gave us a new heart, with new desires. He gave us new spirits and put his spirit in us. He does not need us to get out of the way so he can work. We are united as one with Him. God works with us. In and through us. He has no interest in us, denying our new self. That doesn’t mean we should make bad choices. But the point is the context of denying yourself is not about outward sin.

      As for ‘early Christian Apostolic fathers, or even documents like the Didache’, I don’t give them any thoughts. The only documents I am focusing on is what the scripture says.

      Yes, Jesus said He came not to destroy the law but fulfil it.

      The law is still very much alive, but according to the scriptures, you are dead to the law. Free from the law. Not supervised by the law. Jesus said he is the end of the law for all who believe.. And though the law still exist, we will not be held to the perfect unholy standard of it. And Jesus fulfilled the law because there’s not a single human that could. Which means none of us are qualified to be trying to strap it around the neck of other brothers and sisters. Anyone who is pushing that does not understand the true standard of it.

      So, if somebody mentions to me that a Old Testament command is repeated, I will immediately say that I believe in Jesus, and he is the end of the law. You will not find a single New Testament verse, telling believers that the goal is to keep the law. In fact, he will only find the exact opposite. We discover that the law makes nothing perfect, and in Hebrews is described as weak and useless. Apostle, Paul calls it, a ministry of condemnation and death. So only and ill-informed person is going to be pushing in old testament Jewish law on Christians today.

      You said ‘except the Sabbath command’. I’ve heard them say that before. I usually ask them “so now it’s the 9 commandments”. What about dietary laws. What about ceremonial laws? They’re just picking in choosing. I ask them, have they perfectly kept the law? And of course no one has. And then I remind them that James said whoever keeps the entire law, but stumbles at one point is guilty of it ALL. So if they are under the law, they are Hellbound. You don’t escape by confessing and saying I’m sorry and then repenting. That is not how the law works. So this is why it’s important to be apart from the law.

      Indeed, we should not lie, steal, or commit any sins. But the goal is not keeping the law. No one can. The goal is knowing Jesus. People think they can keep the law because they don’t fully understand how perfect it is. Remember, just looking with a lustful thought is no different than physical adultery. That alone should shut the mouth of every man. Again, you’re not going to find a single verse, pushing the law on believers. It’s simply not there.

      We do not reveal Christ in us because we perform well. We exude Christ by showing love, kindness, patience, etc. In this really is not semantics.

      The purpose of the law is to lead you to Jesus. It’s to show you how hopeless you are under an old covenant and how desperately you need a new one. And once you receive Jesus, it’s time for these false teachers to stop slapping you over the head with an old covenant law that is weak and useless and makes no one righteous.

      [1 Tim 1:8] But we know that the Law is good, if one uses it lawfully, 9 realizing the fact that law is NOT made for a RIGHTEOUS person but for those who are lawless and rebellious, for the ungodly and sinners, for the unholy and worldly, for those who kill their fathers or mothers, for murderers

      ALL Christians are righteous. We do not become righteous through our performance. We become fully righteous through faith. Our faith makes us justified. Holy. Sanctified. We were told we will be presented as blameless. So if you’re a righteous person, the law is not for you and whoever is suggesting it is, is not using it correctly. The law is a message for unbelievers to show them the spiritual danger that they are in.

      Re: 1 Corinthians, Paul orders them to kick out the member who had his father’s wife.

      I’ve seen many church leaders weaponize this verse against Christians. Keep in mind that every one of us sins. In this particular story, this guy he’s claiming to be a Christian, but is committing sense that even the unbelieving Gentiles did not do. And we also discovered that he is very arrogant about it. It would be like a gay couple sitting in your church, kissing each other. If you openly throw it out in the middle of the church with arrogance, you should indeed be thrown out of the church. So I’m just saying, this is not some guy who drank a little too much one Saturday night, or watched a rated R movie, etc. This is describing a guy who is an extreme embarrassment to the church and he doesn’t care. But if we read the letter, we discovered that this guy is indeed saved. But we need to be careful not to abuse the context. This is very serious sin, and someone who literally doesn’t care about how it makes the church and look.

      Re: 1Thessalonians 4: 3 that God’s will is our sanctification

      To be clear, no human can sanctify themselves. And we’re not getting more sanctified if we are believers. You are either sanctified or you’re not. When speaking of our identity, the scriptures only speak for sanctification in the past tense. You HAVE BEEN sanctified. The word simply means to be set aside. There are two types of sanctification.

      Spiritual sanctification: this is your security in Christ. God has set you aside for himself. You’re not getting more set aside. Your performance has absolutely nothing to do with this. You cannot be unsanctified.

      Behavior sanctification: this is simply Christians day by day learning to set our behavior aside and live out our identity. This is something that is ongoing. Sometimes we do well, sometimes we make very stupid choices.. But this type of sanctification has nothing to do with your salvation or how God views us. It doesn’t get us more forgiveness. It’s just simply something Christians should naturally work on. But the problem is, many false teachers try to treat spiritual, sanctification the same as behavioral sanctification, and suggest that it’s an ongoing, progressive act, which is nonsense.

      You will never find Jesus threatening questions in scripture. Indeed, you will find verses that call us to avoid sin. But that is not a threat. God loves us and wants us avoid being deceived by the evil one.

      Re: Lastly, it is a quite popular teaching by some high profile teachers to say the many who say “Lord, Lord” in Matthew 7 are condemned because they are those “who practice lawlessness”.

      Yep, that is another deeply miss talk scripture. The lies that the lawlessness they were practicing was outward sin. Consider this my friend, there’s not a single reference to any outward sin.

      Here’s what you see in that story:

      >These guys think they’re on fire for God, and are literally bragging about all the things they did for God. Did we not cast out demons. Did we not do this and that in your name?

      There’s no mention of them, focusing on what Jesus did for them. They’ve got it all backwards.

      And Jesus literally tells them what the problem was. He says Depart from me I NEVER knew you.

      Keyword never. It wasn’t like they got saved at some point, in Jesus knew them, and then they started making that our decisions. Jesus is saying there was never a time in their life that he knew them. The lawlessness that they are practicing is referring to their unbelief. This is inward sin. This teaching that God will tell Christians, who are forgiven of their sin, holy, sanctified and redeemed, will suddenly be told to ‘depart from me’, because of their sin is double talk, and it is a lie straight out of the mouth of the evil one.

      Re: However, He said in that sermon, “Therefore you shall be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.” (Mt. 5:48)

      Jesus was literally raising the standard of the law. Look with lust? Same as adultery. Angry with a brother? Same as murder. Don’t forgive someone? You don’t get forgiven. Be perfect. Just like God is? Yeah right, like that is even remotely possible for any human.

      Every Jewish person here in the sermon would have a lump in her throat realizing that this teaching is so perfect. No one could possibly ever achieve it. The point of the sermon was not that they should actually cut off body parts if they couldn’t be perfect as God is but rather it was for them to realize that through the law they would not be found righteous on judgment day. It is only people that learn that the law makes no one right with God, that they will actually realize their need for a better company. Jesus.

      You’re asking all the right questions. If I may, I’d like to direct me to a video that I created that I think of wild wing redefine how do you see all of Scripture going forward. I created this video to break down the gospel in a way that wasn’t investing time with a man-made teaching, twisting every scripture at every turn, but instead simplifying, but I don’t think God ever intended to be complicated. Man has really twisted so many verses, that some people feel like only be super religious elite can interpret it correctly. I say the truth will set you free, and it’s actually clearer than you may realize once you process everything correctly. Please consider watching the video:

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