God Doesn’t Change – Here’s Why That’s a RELIEF To Our Struggles With Sin

God Doesn’t Change – Here’s Why That’s a RELIEF To Our Struggles With Sin

That’s a common defense when we preach to gospel of grace and forgiveness. “God doesn’t change”, they say, as if to imply God is still angry with Christians when we struggle with sins. But what if I told you:

Gods not changing is actually a relief to our struggles with sin?

It’s true, God does not change, and He still hates sin. He hates sin, not us. He died for our sins on the cross and ‘remembers them no more’ and ‘as far as the east is from the west He washed them away’ (not just covered them).

God did not change, BUT He did change the covenant. The old covenant was human effort law keeping and animal sacrifices, and the new is faith based and Christ crucified. Do you see who gets all the glory under the new? Jesus does!

Speaking of not changing, did you know the new covenant was actually made BEFORE the old?

[Galatians 3:17-18] What I am saying is this: the Law, which came 430 years later, does not invalidate a covenant previously ratified by God, so as to nullify the promise.  For if the inheritance is based on law, it is no longer based on a promise; but God has granted it to Abraham by means of a PROMISE.

And there’s an even bigger deal going on with the new covenant that, thanks to self-righteous religious teaching,  most people totally over look.

OLD: A covenant between man and God. You are a participant. When man broke his promise he paid the price through death. The wages of sin is death. (Romans 6:23).

NEW: You have NO role in the new. You are just a receiver, not the promise keeper. The ‘new’ is GOD promising GOD, and the good news is He won’t mess it up! That’s why you’re safe and secure. Because it’s not about you and your promise, but rather God’s promise to Himself to be faithful, even when you weren’t.

[Hebrews 6:13] For when God made the promise to Abraham, since He could swear by no one greater, He swore by Himself,

God is NOT changing. He’s keeping his promise He made to Himself! If you had anything to do with it you’d still be in trouble. It turns out God had it all rigged from the beginning!

Thank you God. Thank you for Jesus.

Author: Mike Cynar

Mike Cynar grew up in church and observed that countless people would go to church and then just stop. The church always referred to them as ‘fake Christians’ or ‘backsliders’ but Mike discovered the problem was deeper. The problem was the church message. The message was 90% behavior improvement and how bad you are, with a pinch of who you are in Christ, It was like every sermon was being preached to the church of Corinth. It’s in the Baptist church, Catholic, Pentecost, and most every other church. After discovering the true gospel message and how we are made right with God because of what ‘Jesus did’ (not what ‘we do’) Mike set out to free believers from behavior improvement programs and bring them back to Jesus. The Result – Jesus Without Religion was launched.