God Will NOT Kill Christians Who Get The Mark of The Beast

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God Will NOT Kill Christians Who Get The Mark of The Beast

I am often asked, “what will happen to Christians who get the mark of the beast“?

Many of you may be relieved to discover that no Christian will lose their salvation if they get the mark of the beast. And I think it’s important that every believer know that a lot of this anxiety comes from fear mongering from a lot of churches, and leaders who are completely miss-teaching Revelation 13.

There are two things that we can conclude from reading Revelation 13, and neither one of them comes within 1000 miles of a believer losing their eternal salvation. The two things we know are:

  1. It will not just be unbelievers who will be deceived into getting this Mark. Revelation 13 actually tells us that all of us will get the Mark.
  2. Revelation 13 does speak of the Mark and some people being killed. But the people being killed or Christians who did get the Mark, but refused to worship the beast.

The mistake too many people are making as they are conflating the idea of those who get the Mark would be in the equivalent of worshiping Satan. There’s absolutely nothing in scripture that teaches us that, and this is a man-made theology.

So let’s talk about this and review Revelation chapter 13

I would first address this important question by asking people to reconcile this awful teaching with some of the promises of god.

Our inheritance is called ‘eternal’ salvation. Eternal means without an end. So, if the mark of the beast could snatch our eternal salvation, then that would make God to be a liar. Which He is not.

We are told nothing can snatch it from his hand – John 10:28

We are told when WE are faithless, HE will REMAIN faithful – 2 Timothy 2:13

We are told He will NEVER leave us or forsake us – Hebrews 13:5

Now, who will be deceived to taking this mark?

[Rev 13:16] And he causes ALL (so, that’s every one of us), the small and the great, the rich and the poor, and the free (believers) and the slaves (unbelievers), to be given a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads

So, if getting the mark led to salvation being revoked, and knowing that he causes ALL to be given the mark, that would mean we are all doomed. That is not reflective of our God who died on the cross to give you life.

Now, the mistake some make is thinking the scripture says whoever gets the mark will killed. But there’s absolutely not a single mention of that. We are drawing that conclusion without any evidence whatsoever.

Verse 15 tells us who would be killed. It  tells us that the one doing the killing is the evil one, and the ones being killed are Christians. You should ask yourself, if this is about Christians losing salvation, why is it those of us who do not worship the beast are killed, but those who do worship the beast get a pass?

Vs 15 cont. and cause ALL who DO NOT WORSHIP the image of the beast to be killed.

So, this is not God taking our spiritual salvation. In fact, there is no mention in Rev 13 of God doing any killing. And anyone who is teaching that is doing it on their own free will, and twisting the word of God.

This is the enemy taking human (Christian) lives because we DON’T worship the beast…even though we have this mark on us.  And again, I don’t see any evidence that all of humanity is taking this Mark with a motive to worship the beast. They are clearly two groups in revelation 13. One group describes all of humanity getting this Mark, which clearly would tell me all of humanity will be completely deceived and doesn’t even get it when it happens. The other group of people is Christians, who, apparently at some point are being called to worship the beast, in which I do not believe a single Christian would ever do so. And unfortunately, the result of those of us believers who are alive at that time will be killed.

And since all of humanity apparently will be deceived, I don’t believe this mark is going to be quite as obvious to any of us at the time it’s introduced. Meaning, it’s not going to be some chip that they stick in your hand, or some tattoo on your forehead. I don’t even think you’re going to see it coming when it actually happens.  I’m very convinced that when this happens, we will all be fully deceived and freely take the mark. And yes, you will not be able to buy, sell or trade without it. But let’s not be so arrogant to think that we know exactly how that mark will look.

Take away is this. Christians do not need to assess or worry over this mark of the beast. You are not saved over by avoiding checking in mark. The same thing that saves you, retains that salvation internally. And his name is Jesus.


Author: Mike Cynar

Mike Cynar was raised in a church setting where he frequently noticed that many attendees would eventually drift away. The church labeled these individuals as ‘back sliders’ or ‘fake Christians’ just looking for ‘fire insurance’. However, Mike realized the issue was rarely with these individuals but instead with the church’s message itself. The teachings heavily emphasized behavior improvement and one’s flaws, with only a fleeting mention of one’s identity in Christ. It felt as though every sermon was tailored to the church of Corinth, who as we know or committing sins that even unbelievers don’t partake in. This trend was noticeable not just in one denomination, but across Baptist, Catholic, Pentecostal, and many other churches. Upon understanding the true essence of the gospel – that our righteousness comes from Jesus’ actions, not our own – Mike was inspired to liberate believers from lifeless sermons and reconnect them with the genuine teachings of Jesus. He believes that one can nurture a vibrant and growing bond with Jesus, unhindered by rigid religious practices. And thus, “Jesus Without Religion” was born.

It turns out that it is grace that leads to repentance. And if our heart is to get others to walk in the Spirit and live a godly life, then the best approach is not a beat down sermon, but rather to remind other that it is only when we understand our true identity in Christ that we will live it out. Yes, it’s true, if you’re convinced that God thinks you’re a dirty sinner, you will ultimately continue a lifestyle that mirrors that view, but if you truly believe that even on your worst day, you are called holy, sanctified, justified, and will be presented blameless in the end, well, it turns out this is the secret to living out on the outside what has been worked in to the inside.


  • James Shiver Posted February 23, 2024 11:06 pm

    Please discuss this post in relation to Rev 14:9-11.
    “Then a third angel followed them, shouting, “Anyone who worships the beast and his statue or who accepts his mark on the forehead or on the hand must drink the wine of God’s anger. It has been poured full strength into God’s cup of wrath. And they will be tormented with fire and burning sulfur in the presence of the holy angels and the Lamb. The smoke of their torment will rise forever and ever, and they will have no relief day or night, for they have worshiped the beast and his statue and have accepted the mark of his name.”

    • Mike C Posted February 24, 2024 9:27 am

      You wrote OR. ;Anyone who worships the beast and his statue OR who accepts”. Context is incorrect.

      The word used is AND. ‘Anyone who worships the beast and his statue AND who accepts’

      Go to the individual must WORSHIP in order to be guilty. And believers will NOT worship the evil one

  • Joseph Kather Posted February 24, 2024 7:51 pm

    I think you contradicted yourself in these two videos. In Mark of the Beast you said there’s no way you can accidentally get the mark. Then in the video God will not kill those with the mark you say it will slip up on us and we won’t know it until Hobbs it!

    • Mike C Posted February 26, 2024 10:50 pm

      I’m pretty certain I did not say that you could not ‘accidentally’ receive the mark of the beast. I believe you missed the context. I 100% believe Christians can be deceived into getting the Mark. But I don’t believe is that they will be condemned if they are tricked. If they love and trust, Jesus, there’s no condemnation for them, even if they accidentally are deceived, because they are naïve and tricked by the evil one, assuming that ends up being possible. We shall see. PS IF is did use those words, I misspoke, and I apologize.

      Apologize as I’m not clear on what you were saying on your last sentence. I think there were some typos. I can be guilty of that too. 🙂

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