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Most Christians Do Not Speak In Tongues  – One Cult Says ‘You Must Not Be A Christian’. Here’s The Truth About This Gift

There has been a lot of confusion and debate about the gift of speaking in tongues, but you might be surprised at what the Bible actually says about this topic.

The spiritual gift of speaking in tongues remains controversial in our day and is a subject deserving of our close attention.

Speaking in Tongues is a gift, but its purpose is limited to sharing the gospel in HUMAN languages and edifying other believers with the truth about Jesus Christ. This video explains Paul’s idea of how tongues should be used.

Watch the video above for truths about what the Bible says about speaking in tongues.

Author: Mike Cynar

Mike Cynar was raised in a church setting where he frequently noticed that many attendees would eventually drift away. The church labeled these individuals as ‘back sliders’ or ‘fake Christians’ just looking for ‘fire insurance’. However, Mike realized the issue was rarely with these individuals but instead with the church’s message itself. The teachings heavily emphasized behavior improvement and one’s flaws, with only a fleeting mention of one’s identity in Christ. It felt as though every sermon was tailored to the church of Corinth, who as we know or committing sins that even unbelievers don’t partake in. This trend was noticeable not just in one denomination, but across Baptist, Catholic, Pentecostal, and many other churches. Upon understanding the true essence of the gospel – that our righteousness comes from Jesus’ actions, not our own – Mike was inspired to liberate believers from lifeless sermons and reconnect them with the genuine teachings of Jesus. He believes that one can nurture a vibrant and growing bond with Jesus, unhindered by rigid religious practices. And thus, “Jesus Without Religion” was born.

It turns out that it is grace that leads to repentance. And if our heart is to get others to walk in the Spirit and live a godly life, then the best approach is not a beat down sermon, but rather to remind other that it is only when we understand our true identity in Christ that we will live it out. Yes, it’s true, if you’re convinced that God thinks you’re a dirty sinner, you will ultimately continue a lifestyle that mirrors that view, but if you truly believe that even on your worst day, you are called holy, sanctified, justified, and will be presented blameless in the end, well, it turns out this is the secret to living out on the outside what has been worked in to the inside.


  • Sara Bryant Posted August 31, 2021 1:14 pm

    I truly appreciate you sharing and am so blessed to find you! I see what you are saying regarding tongues, however, what you are describing is the Gift of Tongues (half of prophecy) and not prayer in the Spirit, which is tongues, as described in Jude 20 and 1 Corinthians 14:15. The Gift of tongues is different from prayer in the Spirit. Prayer in the Spirit is praying to God and edifying the individual (thus giving them the capacity to edify the church). I experienced this personally after witnessing prayer in tongues. I dug into the Word myself, found scriptures where the Spirit filled people in the NT and prayed (in English) to God asking Him that if it was from Him then I wanted it. About a week later, I began praying in tongues in my bed in the evening. My life has never been the same since.

    • Jesus Without Religion Posted September 2, 2021 2:24 pm

      We appreciate you sharing that comment. With all due respect, I do not see any scriptural support for that. But it’s OK to disagree.

    • Jesus Without Religion Posted September 2, 2021 2:25 pm

      We appreciate you sharing that comment. With all due respect, I do not see any scriptural support for that view on tongues. But it’s OK to disagree.

      • Robin Chenier Posted July 17, 2022 10:45 am

        Speaking in youngest edifys the person speaking in youngest that’s what it says in the Bible

  • Zombe Sichilima Posted September 13, 2021 4:51 pm

    These teachings have got me confused. I attend a charismatic church, and I’ve never spoken in tongues since I believed the gospel. Now I feel judged or looked down upon by the leadership because, the way tongues have been presented, my spirit doesn’t seem to agree. It seems tongues are the only sign of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. So now what I’ve come to learn over the years I’ve been here is that, prayer is only done in the Spirit, and no other way. Now the question would be what is praying in the spirit? From what I’ve learned, I find that praying in the Spirit is praying in tongues. Of course referencing (1stcorinthans 14:2). And furthermore taught that all are commanded to pray in tongues (Jude 20) and (Ephesians 6:18). I pray the YHWH guides me.. 😔

    • Jesus Without Religion Posted September 13, 2021 5:15 pm

      Praying in the Spirit is simple. It’s important to understand that as a Christian you are always in the spirit. You may not always walk (behave) in the spirit but you always live in the spirit. The Scriptures are very clear about that. Christ dwells in you, and you live in him.

      The religious Pharisees were not saved did not (nor could they) pray in the spirit. They could not because they were not in the spirit.

      As a Christian, there’s only one way you can pray. That is in the spirit. In fact, since you live in the spirit, everything you do is in the spirit. If you brush your teeth, you are brushing your teeth in the spirit. If you sin you are sinning in the spirit. Of course if you send you are ‘walking in the flesh’.

      So, just keep in mind you are never out of the spirit. There is no such thing as being in the spirit one moment and out of it the next. God said he will NEVER leave you or forsake you. We may choose to make bad decisions at times, which the Scriptures referred to as walking in or out of the spirit, but there’s not a single scripture where you see that a Christian does not live in the spirit.

      For the old testament people, like King David, they would pray “God please don’t take your spirit from me”, but we have something better. God will never leave us. His spirit is not above us, but rather in us.

      Anyone who teaches that praying in the spirit is praying in tongues is teaching a very false doctrine. There is no such teaching anywhere in the Scriptures.

      There are absolutely no Scriptures that teach us to pray in tongues. It’s simply not there and that is it again another false teaching. We are only called to pray in the spirit. And the only way to do that is to believe in Jesus. Once you’ve done that you will accomplish praying spirit every time you pray.

      • Zombe Sichilima Posted September 13, 2021 5:31 pm

        Eternally grateful Sir, very well explained.

        • Jesus Without Religion Posted September 13, 2021 6:15 pm

          Thank you for the kind words. We hope you enjoy the videos we produce to help people see the kindness of our Lord.

  • Donna Posted May 30, 2022 6:23 pm

    Makes me feel guilty if I can’t speak that..
    Very well said.

  • Robin Chenier Posted July 17, 2022 10:48 am

    Speaking in tounges edifies the one speaking in youngest that is what the Bible says

    • Mike C Posted July 17, 2022 11:16 am

      You can say that’s what the Bible says, but you’re not gonna actually find a scripture to support it. Which I assume is why you did not publish that verse. In fact, none of the gifts from God are for self edification. They are for edifying and building up others.

      • Theresa Posted November 6, 2022 12:40 pm

        Regarding the scripture Rubin Chenier was referring to: 1Corinthians 13:4 One who speaks in a tongue edifies himself; but the one who prophesies edifies the church. (Just clarification)

        • Mike C Posted November 6, 2022 3:14 pm

          I see now. There was a typo that really threw me off. To be clear, and make sure we’re on the same page, the apostle Paul isn’t saying that edifying ourselves is a good thing. In context, he’s saying it’s an abuse of the gift. All gifts are for the edification of others.

  • Robin Chenier Posted July 17, 2022 10:50 am

    Not youngest / meant tounges

  • Matsepe Ramaila Posted August 7, 2022 2:27 pm

    Hi Mike, i hope you are well brother. Speaking in tongues is not just gibberish, it is deeper than that brother, infact every believer has the ability to speak with new tongues of angels because the Holy Spirit gives them utterances. I suggest you listen to a teaching called “Christian-survival-kit-the-ministry-of the Holy Spirit and also “the positive ministry of the Holy Spirit” they’ll help clarify many things. Peace brother.

    • Mike C Posted August 7, 2022 2:36 pm

      Thanks for the comment. My friend, there is literally ZERO biblical support for this lie that EVERY believer has the ability to speak in tongues. I assume you mean well, but that is cult theology. I believe the video we created clearly debunked all of this false teaching. While I do believe that some have been given this gift from God, nearly every time I have ever seen it exercised, it indeed has been gibberish. With due respect, you are not going to convert my thinking on this one. God bless you.

  • Les Lonsdale Posted November 18, 2023 12:09 pm

    I’m sorry, but this is eisegesis, not exegesis! Paul clearly determines between the 2 types of tongues. Mr. Cynar, due to his pre-conceived ideas, tries to ‘poison the well’ by sneaking in words like ‘fake’ tongues, when Paul clearly describes this as a legitimate gift of the Spirit. He ignores the fact that in 1Cor. 13:1 Paul describes 2 types of speech, the tongue of men (in their own language – the tongues of Pentecost), and the tongues of angels (personal prayer language). This is made clear in 14:2, where the personal prayer language is described as ‘speaking to God’, not to men. Prophecy (if in tongues) is speaking to men, not to God (Acts Ch 2). That is why an interpretation is needed. So that ‘men’ can understand the message. Again, in 14:18 Paul is referring to his personal prayer language which is done in private. Then he says, ‘but in the church’, distinguishing between the two types of tongues. However, if someone (Mr. Cynar) has his mind made up, then he will apparently ignore the passages that he doesn’t agree with.

    • Mike C Posted November 18, 2023 5:33 pm

      I could not have broken the text down any clearer.

      And quite honestly, I think you have to commit intellectual suicide to read chapter 13 and walk away think he is in anyway elevating this gift of tongues.

      Re: He ignores the fact that in 1Cor. 13:1 Paul describes 2 types of speech

      Show me where Paul calls tongues of Angels “personal prayer language”.

      Also, Paul said “IF we speak”, not when we speak.

      In the same opening Paul also says “IF I have all faith so as to remove mountains”. Les, how many mountains are you removing? Got any before and after pictures? Kidding, or course.

      Re: This is made clear in 14:2, where the personal prayer language is described as ‘speaking to God’, not to men.

      The context is “you are not edifying or building up anyone. The only one that can interpret anything you’re uttering with your gibberish would be God. The point is, God can understand your English/native language, so what exactly are you trying to prove? In the very next sentence, he makes this clear by contrasting it with the one who prophesies speaks to people for edification, exhortation, and consolation. So you tell me, which is God more impressed with, you talking like a crazy man, or you edifying in building other believers up using language they understand.

      Re: Again, in 14:18 Paul is referring to his personal prayer language which is done in private.

      1 Cor 14:18 I thank God, I speak in tongues more than you all;

      Rewind one verse to make sure you don’t want again miss the context.

      1 Cor 14:17 For you are giving thanks well enough, but the other person is NOT edified.

      In other words, Paul is far more qualified to talk about this than the people he is writing, so he is qualified to tell them what they are doing is ridiculous, they are not going to find anyone in this practice. They are taking this gift of tongues and making it look foolish instead of using it for its intended purpose. Building up the church..

      So, I think it is Les that is guilty of eisegesis, not exegesis.

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