What Does It Mean to be Obedient to God? What is Christian Obedience?

In this video we learn that being obedient to God is not about rule keeping or avoiding sin. It’s about faith. The word ‘obedient’ or ‘obedience’ only appears in the new testiment 14 times, and it’s never in the context of human performance. No. It’s always about obedience to faith in Jesus. Enjoy

Author: Mike Cynar

Mike Cynar grew up in church and observed that countless people would go to church and then just stop. The church always referred to them as ‘fake Christians’ or ‘backsliders’ but Mike discovered the problem was deeper. The problem was the church message. The message was 90% behavior improvement and how bad you are, with a pinch of who you are in Christ, It was like every sermon was being preached to the church of Corinth. It’s in the Baptist church, Catholic, Pentecost, and most every other church. After discovering the true gospel message and how we are made right with God because of what ‘Jesus did’ (not what ‘we do’) Mike set out to free believers from behavior improvement programs and bring them back to Jesus. The Result – Jesus Without Religion was launched.